Prices & Concept


Restaurant Bordeaux Offers a unique experience. With us, you'll experience an all-in dining experience. An unlimited culinary journey for a fixed affordable price! Because you're allowed to enjoy unlimited servings of all dishes, round after round. Also, the beverages such as a pre-dinner bubbly, soft drinks, beer, house wines, coffee, and tea are available to you without limits! Moreover, we serve everything directly to your table. 

Outside of our package deals, we also offer you various special wines and other beverages at almost wholesale prices! You can find these under the "drinks" section.

We are extremely excited to take you on a journey through our vision, where unlimited dining can coexist with quality on the plate, exclusive dishes, fine wines, and excellent service.

Denkt u wel aan de verlengingskosten na 3.5 uur van €5 p.p. elke half uur extra en de sluitingstijd van de keuken? Bedankt voor uw begrip.


All-in Prijs



Maandag t/m Woensdag



Diner €45,00+ Drank €12,50  = €57,50 p.p 


Donderdag & Zondag



Diner €47,50 + Drank €12,50  =€60,00 p.p.



Vrijdag, Zaterdag & feestdagen*

(Zie hieronder de feestdagen)


Diner €51,00 + Drank €12,50 = €63,50 p.p




Kinderen  2 t/m 6 jaar


Dinner €21,00 + Drinks €7,50 = 28,50 p.p.



Kids between 7 and 10 years


Dinner €29,00 + Drinks €7,50 = 36,50 p.p.






Dit arrangement duurt maximaal 3,5 uur. U kunt het verlengen voor €5,00 per 1/2 uur per persoon. *Feestdagen/speciale dagen:

New Year's Day, Valentine's Day, 1st and 2nd Easter Day, King's Day, Mother's Day, Ascension Day, 1st and 2nd Pentecost, Father's Day, Christmas Eve.

Prijswijzigingen, zet- typ-en drukfouten  voorbehouden.